Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Green & Black's Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

I've never tried Green & Black's ice cream before, I don't actually know why considering I enjoy their chocolate but this new tub found its way into my Ocado order.
It's a "dark chocolate ice cream (minimum cocoa solids 72.5%) with a chocolate peppermint ripple" the ripple is a sauce and the ice cream is made with fresh cream. 

On first inspection it didn't look or smell very minty but I was impressed nonetheless. It looked more like a mousse than an ice cream, despite how the flash has shown up in the photo there were no ice crystals or sign it had been frozen at all and it smelt deliciously chocolatey. 
The tub says to wait ten minutes before eating but I'm impatient and it didn't matter anyway as it was soft and scoopable straight away. The ice cream was amazing. You can tell fresh, higher quality ingredients have been used, it's luxuriously thick and creamy with a beautiful chocolate flavour. It didn't taste particularly dark, especially not 72.5% dark, but seeing as the first and second ingredients are milk and whipping cream, a slight milkiness is to be expected. 

It's not just a generic chocolate flavour though, it's probably one of the nicest chocolate ice creams I've tried. Even though the mint is only in the ripple and I didn't have barely any in the first layer, there was a slight lingering aftertaste where the mint flavour had kind of seeped out of the sauce. It was like it was teasing me! 
Once I got to the ripple I was again impressed. Despite not being a mint chocolate lover I really enjoyed it. Not only did it add a lovely refreshing touch to the creamy chocolate but the sauce was extremely smooth and rich (probably why it only makes up 15% of the pint) and you could feel the difference in texture alongside the flavour. 

I had a little more in the bottom half and I still can't decide wether I prefer it with slightly more or slightly less, both were delicious. The peppermint chocolate sauce is very stong and very rich so I can see why there isn't too much of it, the amount there is is perfect. The fresh minty flavour really cuts through the chocolate and anymore would probably be overkill. 
Absolutely beautiful ice cream!! 

Rating 8/10  (that's saying something coming from me! I normally hate mint chocolate!) 

We even bought this to share too 

But I wasn't sharing this! So he got that and I got this all to myself



  1. This looks delicious - I'm not normally a fan of chocolate ice cream but look chocolate mint!

    1. It was very good!! I'm the furthest from a purist when it comes to ice cream, the more bits the better but this is going to be a regular buy for me!

    2. Green&Black's do a lovely vanilla caramel nut flavour ice cream, it's really nice and always makes it's way onto my Ocado shops, may have to sneak this on next time too

    3. The vanilla caramel nut will go in mine next then! I'm going to have to try all the flavours now haha

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