Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ptasie Mleczko waniliow (Dark chocolate coated marshmallow)

This afternoons Wednesday World food review is another from Poland and E.Wedel. It's called Ptasie Mleczko waniliowe and is a dark chocolate covered vanilla marshmallow bar.

It's helpfully portioned into two individual fingers should you wish to share and the total weight of the pack is 50g - they're actually pretty heavy considering its marshmallow inside. 

They smelt good, not too dark though but it's only 47% so still quite sweet and milky and I could smell the sweetness. 

The chocolate coating is very thin and to be truthful some mouthfuls I didn't taste chocolate at all and some it was more of an aftertaste. As an overall bar I could taste the chocolate but the marshmallow is the dominant flavour. That said the marshmallow is vanilla apparently but I didn't really pick up on that. It was quite sweet, not overly so but had more of a general/generic marshmallow flavour. 
The marshmallow was quite thick and heavy but still soft and fluffy somehow. At first I had to chew it but it melted away to a smoother fluff like texture - like the spread. I'd actually refrigerated this and I'm glad I did as the chocolate coating had a lovely crisp bite to it. 
It was so so. Not bad, not great. It made for a change from what I've been eating recently which was nice but it really could have done with a thicker chocolate coating. 

Rating 6/10 

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