Saturday, 15 August 2015

Swizzels Refreshers Bon Bons

Swizzels are really pumping out new products lately. I reviewed the Drumstick Bon Bons here and they've also released a few new Squashies too, I don't get a chance to try those as they are my husbands favourite! 

The Refreshers version are a little different from the Drumstick, rather than both flavours being blended into one Bon Bon the lemon and strawberry flavours are seperate and promise to give way to a fizzy centre. 

My expectations of Bon Bons aren't massively high, after all my favourite ones actually come from Candy King, the pick'n'mix sweet makers. I don't expect high quality sweets as a proper Bon Bon to me, is one that comes from the sweet shop, only costs a few pennies (once upon a time) and is a more of an old school, nostalgic sweet. I think they should be sugary sweet, intensely flavoured and give you a jaw ache. 
These didn't smell of too much at all opening the packet, no lemon or strawberry and no sickly sweet sugary scent I was looking for. 
I tried a few lemon flavoured first, they all started off quite mild and as I chewed and got through to the centre developed into the stronger lemon I was looking for. I'm going through a sour lemon Bon Bon phase at the moment but these were more of a sweeter, less bitter and more fruity lemon. I was waiting for a fizzy centre, it did appear but more in the flavour than texture. It's not actually fizzy like the sweet I used to have as a kid, that when you got to the middle actually started fizzing on your toungue (if anyone remembers what that was called please comment I'm having a mind blank!) or fizzy cola bottles but it tastes fizzier if that makes sense. Around half of the lemon flavoured in my bag were a lot stronger and fizzier than the other, I'm not sure if the size contributed to that or if there's a little problem with the flavour distribution, but the stronger ones were much more my cup of tea. 
The strawberry flavoured ones were much stronger from the start compared to the lemon and had a good solid strawberry flavour. They were nice and sweet but there wasn't as noticable different centre as there was with the lemon and they were lacking a bit with the fizzy middle. Even though by my standards it wasn't as much as I'd hoped, the lemon seems to be the sour/crazy half of the bag and the strawberry the sweet and fruity. 
I love the Bon Bon texture normally but these weren't chewy, good chewy, they were just tough. Some were softer and easier to chew and the consistency of those were perfect but the majority weren't easy to eat.

The Refreshers Bon Bons aren't bad, I personally prefer stronger flavours than the more natural ones but I get that I might be in the minority there. The lemon ones with stronger and slightly more sour flavouring were perfect for me but the strawberry overall was just too mild.  

Rating 6/10 

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