Friday, 14 August 2015

The Licktators Jiggy Pop

It's been a while since I've reviewed an ice cream and I think I chose a good one for today's post. 

This is The Licktators Jiggy Pop - 'our titillating, twerky take on Toffee Popcorn. Laced with popcorn, rippled with toffee sauce & studded with crunchy caramel pieces'. The Licktators blurbs are always a bit confusing but to clear things up the ice cream is actually toffee popcorn flavoured aswell as having popcorn pieces and the toffee sauce and caramel. 

The familiar popcorn scent was apparent as soon as I'd peeled the inside seal away and I couldn't wait to get stuck in. Judging by how it looked initially I thought I'd get a spoonful of just the ice cream first but looks are decieving and the whole top layer was littered with popcorn bits and caramel. 

The darker parts are the caramel and the yellower pieces are popcorn. Although the pieces are smaller than you would find in a Ben & Jerrys for example, the sizes are made up for in number. The popcorn is extremely chewy and somehow retains a proper popcorn consistency despite being drenched in creamy ice cream. The popcorn flavour was dominant at first, in both the pieces and the ice cream. I could tell it was Toffee Popcorn but at times the toffee in the ice cream was a little overwhelmed. They've absolutely nailed the popcorn flavour though. 
The caramel was delicious too, the pieces were very hard and crunchy but soon gave way to a smooth , sweet melt in the mouth. Getting a spoonful with all three on was beautiful, the thick creamy ice cream mixed with the chewiness of the popcorn and the crisp caramel was texture heaven for me! 

I had noticed at this point a lack of toffee sauce but this was only because I was looking for it as I knew I'd be reviewing it. To be honest until I got to it, the rest of the ice cream wasn't lacking anything at all. It turns out my sauce swirl was towards the bottom half of the tub and although there wasn't too much of it, I think it might be intentional. It has a lovely toffee flavour which is quite strong but also pretty rich, anymore than there was and I could see it overpowering the toffee popcorn ice cream. It wasn't too thick but beautifully gooey and runny - the kind that stretches from the tub to the end of your spoon as you pull it away. 

The best of the Licktators range I've tried and one I'll buy again for sure. 

Rating 8/10 

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