Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cheetos Puffs - Flamin' Hot

After the disappointment of the cheese Cheeto puffs yesterday I didn't have high hopes for the flamin' hot flavour. While I was comparing the cheese to a Wotsit, the flamin' hot has to meet up to the 'kids crisp' personal favourites of mine - Monster Munch flamin' hot and Nik Naks nice and spicy. 

I did photograph the crisps themselves this time round as they were more on par with my expectations - pretty damn orange! 
They smelt tangy opening the pack and for some reason the flamin' hot ones were slightly larger than the cheese. The flavour was quite nice, I wouldn't call it hot-hot I can't handle heat at all and these were fine for me until I got one puff which must have had far too much seasoning on it - my tongue burnt!! 
In terms of 'heat' they're not as spicy as Monster Munch flamin' hot but I did enjoy these, they had a nice tang and were very moreish. 


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