Friday, 21 August 2015

American M&M's Part 2

Part one of my American M&M review can be found here, where I tried Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter flavour M&Ms and M&M cookies. 

Today is the turn of Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Pretzel flavours. 


Not only are they mint flavoured but the chocolate inside is also a dark chocolate. Nowhere on either the mint or dark chocolate packs can I find any information on how dark a chocolate is used, but I'm guessing not very. 

In keeping with the mint theme, there isn't a mix of colours but different shades of green. Again they seem a little bit bigger than usual and I was wondering if American M&M's are just bigger than ours in general. 
I could smell the mint straight away, still lingering in the empty bag and through the candy shell. 
To say these are strong would be an understatement. They are ridiculously minty! To the point when I ate one alone it was like eating a polo, pure mint with a faint chocolate aftertaste. The chocolate does taste stronger when you eat a few at a time but then so does the mint. The chocolate itself didn't taste noticable darker. 
They are moreish and although I didn't particularly enjoy them I did finish the bag. One for the mint/mint chocolate lovers definitely, they were just too minty for me. 

Rating 5/10 

Dark Chocolate 

Next up was dark chocolate, which I was very much looking forward to even though the chocolate hadn't impressed me too much in the mint. Again it doesn't state how dark the chocolate is or give much description at all, but the first ingredient in both is semisweet chocolate. 

These seemed more like the size I'm used to. 
They did smell like normal chocolate which at first left me a little disappointed but I realised it smelt more like our normal chocolate rather than sugary candy. 
Trying them they did taste slightly darker, by no means were they dark dark or bitter but definitely less sweet than ususal. The chocolate was quite nice actually and I preferred it. You still have the sugary sweetness in the candy shell but rather than a sugary chocolate centre which can be overpowering, the chocolate was the main flavour. 
Another addictive bag! 

Rating 8/10 


Next up was Pretzel, it's slightly different from the other bags, rather than being flavoured it's actually the candy shell and milk chocolate wrapped around pretzel pieces instead of a solid chocolate centre. 

Firstly these don't even look like M&Ms, they're more of a circle than a disc and they're absolutely huge! 

That's a Mega M&M next to it - not an ordinary one! 
I tried one and straight away I was unsure. It's a bit strange to be honest. For starters it's a lot less chocolatey. 

One lost a part of the shell in the bag so you can see it's a very thin layer of chocolate inside. 
They are even more crunchy than usual but it seemed like the wrong kind of  
crunchy to me.  They felt stale to be perfectly honest- not stale tasting at all but the crunch just felt like when something that's supposed to be crispy goes a bit soft but you still get that crunch. I hope that makes sense! 
Some of the larger ones were slightly salty but overall I found these a bit boring and I wasn't a fan of the texture. 

Rating 5/10 


I wasn't going to review the Mega M&Ms, having reviewed the UK version here a couple of weeks ago. But I thought it might be interesting to compare the two, seeing as its in the very recent memory! 

They looked just the same as our ones but that's were the similarities ended. As I wasn't planning on doing a proper review I shovelled a couple in my mouth and couldn't believe I noticed the difference straight away. Whereas in our Mega M&Ms everything seemed a lot more chocolatey, these were much like the end of the Birthday Cake flavour. They were sickly sweet - but immediately. The chocolate was not nice at all. I mentioned during the week I reviewed American snacks and chocolate I hadn't come across a chocolate that had the sicky flavour to it - well I jinxed myself because I found it here. 
I actually googled the UK version to find an ingredient list, which I found on the Asda website, and compared to the back of the packet from the U.S.A and suprise suprise - there are quite a few differences! 
The texture and feel are the same but I did not enjoy the flavour of these one bit. 

Rating 5/10 

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