Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kit Kat Mocha - Limited Edition

Chocolate and coffee are in the top ten of my favourite things, coffee flavoured chocolate has the potential to be but it often falls short. I was looking forward to seeing how the Kit Kat Mocha fared. 

I expected it to look a little different, recent new flavours of Kit Kat such as the cookies and cream and toffee have visibly been different from the standard but this looked normal. Ignore the greasy look to the chocolate, I read I shouldn't be refrigerating chocolate if I want to taste it properly and my house must be warm today so it had started to melt a little, the chocolate was just the same as normal. 
To look at, it might be easy to mistake for milk chocolate, but that's it. I'd only ripped a small square of the wrapper when the coffee scent practically smacked me in the face! It's a very strong coffee with no real hint of chocolate, so so far so good.
Taking a bite I was impressed too, at first it tasted just as it smelt - nice and strong but sadly the coffee gave way to the familiar milk chocolate. Don't get me wrong this was absolutely delicious and as long as Kit Kat sell the mocha flavour for is as long as I'll buy it over the others, but it would be a solid 8 if the coffee didn't taper away to a plain milk chocolate.

Rating 7/10 

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  1. I was so disappointed by the cookies and cream one thankfully upped their game here!