Saturday, 22 August 2015

Candy Kittens - Sour Grape & Wild Strawberry

Last year I reviewed Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon and Eton Mess, the thing that let the bags down most (apart from Sour Watermelon being quite dull) was the price and the fact they were a Waitrose exclusive. I spotted three new bags in Sainsburys this week and OK they're slightly smaller but they are a much more reasonable price too. 
Candy Kittens are a bit of a fancy bag of sweets, or gourmet candy to use their own terms. The sweets are all naturally flavoured, gluten free and made using real fruit juice and natural ingredients. 

I tried Sour Grape first, Grape isn't a flavour I've noticed is used too much in our sweets, I wonder why? 

All the varieties I've tried have the same somewhat soft but still chewy texture and are quite large for this style of sweet. 

The grape sweets aren't too vibrantly coloured but that's what I'd expect with natural ingredients. 
I could smell the grape, they smelt sweeter rather than sour and the taste was along the same lines. It's quite mild and not really very sour but it's still a lovely flavour. If you're specifically looking for the grape then this isn't a sweet to be eaten a couple at a time as the flavour doesn't build up enough but by the bagful it was pretty decent just lacking the sourness, I guess that's again to be expected with all natural flavourings. 

Rating 6/10 

I tried Wild Strawberry next, I'm not sure what makes them wild according to Candy Kittens they're rarer and much more fun than the original though? 

These were much brighter than the grape but looking at the flavourings used (radish, carrot, blackcurrant, apple, tomato, pumpkin) bright red is probably a much easier colour to replicate. 
I knew these would be getting a higher rating before I'd even eaten one. The strawberry scent was evident before I'd even completely opened the seal and it was a lovely, sweet, fruity strawberry. 
The taste did live up to expectations here and it had a beautiful, naturally tasting strong strawberry flavour that was just as good from the first one I ate to the very last.
These also had a fizz to them that I hadn't noticed was missing from the grape, overall a delicious little sweet! 

Rating 8/10 

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