Saturday, 25 July 2015

Valor chocolates - Crocan chocolate con leche + American Brownie

This has to be the most reviews I've done in a week! I sent my husband shopping and he came home with 5 new chocolate bars, 3 new bags of chocolate, some white chocolate raisins, 7 Galaxy ripples, 2 pints of lemon sorbet, some Müller corners and a couple of sad looking ready meals. I think I'll send him food shopping more often!
Because he chose (and paid for) all this weeks treats I couldn't stop him from eating his fair share before I had a chance to review any, which is why half of this gigantic 200g bar of Valor Crocan chocolate con leche + American Brownie is missing in the picture above. 
We spent some time in Spain a few years ago and I can only remember a few phrases here and there, one (the most important when you're spending all day every day in Spanish waiting rooms) being "té/café con leche"- tea/coffee with milk. Being the genius I am I gather chocolate con leche is milk chocolate. 

This is supposed to contain 10% brownie pieces and 3% cereal but I think that's another underestimation, this is the back of my bar and not only did it seem there were more cereal bits than brownie but there seemed to be more than the chocolate too!

He bought this from B&M who are more well known for their bargains than good quality chocolate, the one near me tends to stock novelty chocolate and a few imports so I didn't have high hopes for this, expecting a combination of the two. As I said before this is a huge bar, double the size of most sharing bars and I was pleased to find that it was nice and thick, I hate it when companies make a bar look big by stretching it out and the chocolate ends up matchstick thin. The chocolate itself was surprisingly tasty, it has a minimum of 30% cocoa solids and although sugar comes before the cocoa butter, milk and cream powder in the ingredients it wasn't overly sugary but a nice mixture of creamy, milky and sweet. It went down nicely and for the price I'd buy another block of this size of just the plain chocolate quite happily. It's not high quality great stuff but it does the job. 
The texture is the winning factor for me here. The cereal pieces are very crispy and crunchy, they didn't have a flavour I could pick out but they're certainly noticable in the overall bar. The brownie pieces are huge. The photo I have doesn't do them justice, they are soft and chewy and have an actual brownie texture. Not only do they feel and chew like a real brownie but they were big enough to get whole chunks to eat alone and they tasted authentic too, the flavour was strong enough that it overpowered the chocolate for most of the bar. 
All in all I liked this, it does what it says on the packet - a milky, creamy chocolate bar with a lovely crunchy, chewy texture that actually tasted like I was eating a brownie. 

Rating 7/10 


  1. Thats the supermarket shop of champions! Haha

    1. I could spend hours in there! There's always something hiding ha

    2. Yes. Same as TK Maxx ;) be lost with out these stores

    3. Yes. Same as TK Maxx ;) be lost with out these stores

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