Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ülker - Albeni

For today's foreign snack I've left Wawel of Poland and headed to Turky for the Albeni bar from Ülker. Ülker are a company I'm already quite familiar with, other people might recognise their pistachio block of chocolate which is sold in quite a few supermarkets. 
The Albeni bar is a milk chocolate coated bar with caramel and biscuit - kind of one big Twix and what dya know, I had a Twix yesterday so this is the perfect time to compare. 

It's a 40g bar so a little heavier than Cadbury and the like and I struggled removing this from the end of the wrapper as it's quite wide and bulky but strangely it didn't feel like 40 grams worth of chocolate, it felt a lot lighter. 

I took the obligatory cross section photo and the bar just crumbled. It doesn't look it but I actually cut this with a knife, I might have had better results had I just snapped it in half with my bare hands!
Ignoring the mess of broken biscuit everywhere I took a bite. The biscuit tasted, felt and looked stale. There was no crunch at all, it was chewy - the exact same chewiness you get when you leave an open packet of biscuits out and try to eat the first few. 
I tried to get past this and look for the flavour but all I could taste was the sweet, slightly buttery biscuit. There was a mild caramel flavour but the chocolate might aswell have not been there. The chocolate coating is very thin and the caramel lacked the gooey 'ooziness' I've come to expect from caramel bars, it might well be but compared to other caramel biscuit chocolates there just wasn't enough of it. If anything rather than 'milk chocolate coated bar with caramel and biscuit' this should be a biscuit topped with caramel and chocolate - if that makes sense. 
Still it was quite hard to notice any of that as I couldn't get past the chewy stale taste of the biscuit. 
And for lesson number three hundred and who knows for me... Check the dates on your snacks too! 
Turns out (after if eaten the lot) this went out of date at the start of June, thanks for that Tesco! I know I'm not going to get ill from out of date chocolate but that's not really the point. 

I'll rate my particular bar 1/10 

And giving the benefit of the doubt up it to a 5/10, even if the biscuit had been fresh there's not enough chocolate and caramel in comparison for me. 

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