Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Snickers & Hazlenut

I'm having a very boring week as snacks go - too busy putting the finishing touches to my wedding (surprise surprise it's all food!) - so my goodies this week have been leftover rude sweets from my hen party, the pictures are on Instagram I don't want to have to put a rating on the blog!! 

I thought I deserved a little treat and apparently so did my fiancĂ©e as he bought me home the new(ish) Snickers & Hazlenut. 
I think they've run this bar before but back when I was the worlds pickiest eater so it was first time round for me. If you read this blog you'll know I'm not the greatest fan of peanuts, in a list of nuts they're probably pretty near the bottom but I loooove hazlenuts so I was looking forward to this. 
All the good bits are still inside so there's no real difference to the outside of the bar and the chocolate, nougat and caramel are just the same as your standard Snickers too. 

It's absolutly jam packed out with nuts though! Sadly (for me) peanuts still take up 17% with hazlenuts at a measly 5.6% and I could notice that in taste. Peanuts are still the main flavour but I did notice a little something else at the start of each mouthful - I'm not sure if I hadn't known this was hazlenut I could have identified it. All that said, I think I might slightly prefer this over the original just as it does tone down the peanut taste a bit and the texture is fantastic with the extra nuts, crunchy and chewy and full on from start to finish. 
Ideally I would like to see a Snickers without peanuts and just the hazlenuts please Mars.. or almonds... 

Rating 6/10 

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