Monday, 29 June 2015

Loy Koy Maki

I won't lie, I had no clue what this was until I ate it. Loy Koy Maki is ungoogleable apparently and was part of the little welcome pack we got in the hotel we stayed in but I did see identical boxes without the hotel logo on sold in every shop out there. I'm pretty sure it's Loukoumi, the Greek version of Turkish delight. 

I had 2 smallish sized pieces in my box both separately wrapped, I was going to try one but ripped both open and as it turns out that was a good choice! They were extremely messy - that white sugar dusting is all over my clothes, the table, the dog... And very soft and squidgy. 

I went for the smaller first as everyone knows you leave the biggest till last! Texture wise it was like Turkish Delight, with quite a soft jelly but still enough to give a little chew. The taste was a bit of a let down, it was sweet and nice enough but I couldn't tell you what flavour it's supposed to be. 

Then I had the second, the box clearly says this is honey mix nuts and there was definitely none of that in the first I tried so it looks like I got a bit of a mix up! This one had a firmer texture and was a lot thicker to chew through even the bites without any nuts. The flavour was a decent honey, not too strong but noticable and the nuts were crunchy and it all made for an interesting chew. 
That said, there was something not quite right with the honey nuts one, I can't quite put my finger on what, but I do prefer the unknown flavoured square. 

I understand this is a cheap, mass produced version of the authentic stuff and while I'm quite glad I didn't pay for this it has encouraged me to try the real deal now. 

Rating 6/10 

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