Saturday, 27 June 2015

Oppo Mint choc swirl

I finally got back to a Waitrose this week and after much digging around in the back of the freezer I grabbed the one and only mint choc swirl Oppo ice cream they had left - it must be a popular flavour! 

I've previously reviewed the salted caramel Oppo ice cream here and really enjoyed it despite the fact it's a healthy, low calorie, guilt free version. A little 
bit of info before Oppo use natural ingredients and sweeteners and each tub use a different one. The mint choc swirl uses erythritol, stevia, spirulina 'commonly used in food supplements, spirulina is a blue-green plant grown in the south-China sea' (which will explain the colour achieved despite no added nasties but more of that later) and apple extract. The ice cream itself is made using virgin coconut oil and the choc swirl is Peruvian cacao, cocoa powder, blossom honey and vanilla extract. There are a few stabilisers added but even they're not your typical scarily named mysteries - Guar gum, Carrageenan and Locust bean gum. I've added the ingredients to my review as I did find it hard to believe they use health food ingredients that I don't normally find very tasty and made something I eat through choice - not to fit in a diet! 

Anyway on to the good stuff. The ice cream was alarmingly green! This might (and is a total guess so I could be completely off the mark here) be why Spirulina is used - to colour the mint ice cream without any added colourings. On first taste I was also suprised by how strong the mint flavour was, the strength is normally something I'd associate with some clever chemicals added in, it was really that minty! I don't mind mint, it's not particularly a flavour I look for but it was beautifully fresh and cooling with the cold ice cream and was perfect for a warm night like last night. 
As before the ice cream itself was thick and creamy, it did melt down pretty quickly which I'm not normally too keen on but that could have been because last night was quite warm. After a few mouthfuls I realised (idiot!) this is a bit different to other chocolate mint ice creams, in that it's a mint ice cream with a chocolate/cacao swirl instead of a chocolate ice cream with mint. The swirl soon appeared on my spoon and it was delicious, nice and rich and just as strong in flavour as the mint, it easily matched up and held its own against the strong mint. 
I really, really enjoyed this flavour, the next time I fancy a change from the usual chocolate brownie/cookie dough/fudge ice creams, I would definitely buy this again - especially as the mint Ben & Jerrys was a seasonal tub. I think the fact it's healthier is just an added bonus. 

Rating 7/10 

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  1. I have issues with the Ben & Jerrys mint ice cream.. It's white! Mint has to be green! This looks fab - I will keep my eyes peeled for it :) x