Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Haribo Tangfastics frenzy edition

These Haribo Tangfastics frenzy edition were new - I'm just very late to the party! I'll keep the review very short and sweet as chances are if you're reading this you've probably already tried them. 

They are your usual Tangfastic shape and texture but with some new flavours. 
My complaint is that I only had literally 1 of each of the crocodile shape and the green and yellow dummy, 2 cherries and the rest were the blue and red dummy and cola bottles. 

I admit I went into this bag expecting sour sweets - what with them being frenzied and all, so my review is based on my expectations but it doesn't actually mention the word sour anywhere on the bag so my mistake! 

The cola bottles are now watermelon flavoured, I did enjoy the taste of this, it wasn't too strong and wasn't very sour but was unmistakably watermelon. It's just disappointing I had so many as I'd like to have tried more of the others.  
The green crocodile is mango, I found it to be quite strong and the most sour immediately. Well the one I got to try! 
Thr blue and red dummy is passionfruit and peach and I had quite a few to try! I found the two flavours mixed nicely together, they were both quite strong but neither overpowered the other. 
The cherries are pomegranate, the couple I had were a nice flavour but weren't too sour or as strong as I'd expect in a 'frenzy edition' 
The blue crocodile is peach and my one lonely sweet had quite a mild flavour that didn't really stand out from the others which didn't make too much sense as it was a lot stronger in the blue and red dummy. 
The dark red crocodile is grapefruit and to be honest it was my least favourite as the flavour was so mild. Again I did only have one to try though. 
The green and yellow dummy is mango and pineapple and the one I was saddest at only having one of! The flavour was nice and strong and actually delivered the sourness I was craving. Probably my favourite in the bag. 
And finally the lighter red crocodile is passionfruit. While I found this flavour more enjoyable and stronger than the peach it was still quite mild.

Overall this is quite a pointless review as I didn't have a fair try of each flavour but going by the ones I had enough of to get an accurate taste, I was a bit underwhelmed. They are nice flavours and it was lovely to have some different ones to try instead of the strawberry, cherry and colas they weren't as strong as I've come to expect from Haribo. My husband (haha) loves them though so I'll buy another bag and hope for a more even mixture! 


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  1. I love how brightly coloured they are! Its a shame it doesn't reflect in the taste - Why do Haribo, repeat flavours as well? It would've been nice to have all different rather than the lone flavour e.g passionfruit and then a mixture of 2, passionfruit & peach.. It seems a waste to me? Im sure they could have come up with another flavour.. Kiwi would have been good!