Wednesday, 27 May 2015

(US) Milky Way simply caramel

Today I've tried the (American) Milky Way simply caramel, the Milky Way in the USA is basically a Mars bar in the UK - chocolate-malt nougat topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate. However a British Milky Way is very similar to a U.S. Three Musketeers bar even though they're all made by Mars! Confused? Me too!

I went straight for the simply caramel edition of the Milky Way as I thought it pointless to try a differently packaged Mars Bar although that could be interesting to compare in the future. 
It smelt very sweet when I opened the packet and I had my apprehensions having tried American chocolate before - I'm not sure if the super sweet scent is from the chocolate or the caramel though it seems more likely the latter. 

The first thing I noticed once I'd bitten into it was how chewy it was. I should have realised when I tried to cut it in half with a knife to take a photo and struggled but this gave my jaw a workout! The caramel was pretty tasty but I have to say it was weird eating an unsalted version - everything I've tried recently (though I know this isn't new) has been salted caramel. It's a very sweet, thick, rich caramel and actually reminded me of a chewier scaled up Cadbury Chomp bar. 
The chocolate itself was O.K, I'm used to being a bit disappointed with American chocolate but if it was overly sweet or artificial tasting I didn't notice it as the caramel was quite overpowering - I wish I'd tried a bite of the chocolate alone as that could well be a good thing. I was quite amused that the wrapper proudly states a couple of times that it's "made with real milk chocolate!" So maybe the chocolate is actually not bad compared to the apparent fake chocolate they use in their other bars then! 
My last few mouthfuls became overly sweet and sticky even for me, I finished the bar but I'd had enough and probably couldn't have had much more - it was a bit full on and I was picking bits out of my teeth for ages. This bar was alright but I definitely appreciate the nougat in a usual Mars Bar (Milky Way?) more now, it cuts through the caramel and means I don't have so much of a jaw ache afterwards! 

Rating 6/10

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