Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sour Vimtoads

I don't think these sour vimtoads are new but I've had a serious craving for Haribo fizzy sour cherries this week and absolutely nowhere has had any, the bag says these are are original vimto and cherry vimto flavoured so I thought these would do.. 

I could smell the cherry when I opened the packet and they looked just as sugary as my missing cherries - so far so good. 

I bit into the first one and the first thing I noticed was the runny centre, it is enjoyable but I just wish these were a bit bigger so there was more of it. I then realised the whole reason why the liquid middle stood out . They were pretty bland to be honest, the taste was nowhere near as strong as the scent and there was a distinct lack of sour. Maybe my tastebuds are just used to super sweet and sour sweets, these are sweet - more because of the covering of sugar all over them rather than the actual flavour and I really wouldn't describe them as sour. I was expecting two clear different flavours between the two colours but they were very similar, although it is a cherry Vimto rather than an ordinary cherry, I still expected a more distinguishable difference. 
As I ate the last couple they started to get very sugary - not sweet just pure sugar which I wouldn't have minded if there was a stronger flavour to balance it out but I might aswell have just been eating sugar off of a spoon.

Rating 5/10

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