Friday, 22 May 2015

Two more The Lickators ice creams

So after I was finally allowed a Lickators Marshmallow Law ice cream the ice cream thief - as he shall forever be known in my house - appeared with two other flavours (I knew there was a reason I'm marrying him!). Doughnut Disturb for himself and General Custard for me. 

General Custard is "a decadent blend of British milk and whipping cream pimped up with eggs and vanilla pods". The vanilla is the dominant flavour first off, sure enough the vanilla pods are there in abundance and clearly visible all the way through. Each mouthful began as vanilla which gave way to a rich custard taste. It really is a lovely flavour which although is quite plain compared to the others in The Lickators range and similar brands is delicious and is an interesting twist on usual vanilla. 

The custard is addictive and got better and better the more I ate, as before it was very moreish. The quality of the actual ice cream is again very nice and extremely creamy with the eggs adding a lovely richness. It's sweet as you would expect with anything like this but sugar actually comes third in the ingredients list to milk and whipping cream - this also has clotted cream in it so it's no wonder it's thick, creamy and rich! For me it was a perfect mix on all parts - not too thick, not too much vanilla, not too much custard, not too rich - you get the picture - they were all just right. 

I was all ready to write here how it's good but there are more exciting flavours at this price range (the usual price is £5 I believe) but writing this review and reading the ingredients has made me rethink that a bit. £5 isn't really too bad of a price - when Cadbury are pretty much charging the same for the frozen lump of chocolate ice cream - for an ice cream using good quality British ingredients and there aren't many you'll find for cheaper doing the same. Anyway I did enjoy it but I think I preferred Marshmallow Law as I do love a mix in, this was very enjoyable though. 

Rating 7/10 

He had the Doughnut Disturb, a "devastating mash up of cinnamon ice cream, cinnamon ripple & doughnut style pieces". Sugar is second in the ingredients list on this tub but on opening it it's the first thing you could literally see! Word for word when he opened his tub he said to me "oh bloody hell there's sugar sprinkled all over the top!" I'm guessing that would be to mimic a sugared doughnut which is a nice touch. 
He's not too interested in writing stuff down (unless it's anything to do with football) so this part of the review is more me asking him questions... 

He agrees with all my comments on the actual ice cream "oh yes very creamy!" And "it's weird it's rich but yeah not too rich" so that's that. He's never had cinnamon ice cream before (claims to have never actually had cinnamon but I know for a fact he has!!) I said it's quite a warm flavour and he said "oh, it didn't really taste warm it wasn't too strong but it was really nice my second favourite and better than any Ben and Jerry's". How dare he!!

 The doughnut pieces weren't miniature doughnuts but more like little chunks and apparently were soft but still chewy and tasted just like a doughnut, there was no mistaking them and he really enjoyed the mixture between the two. Again comparing the two brands, he does admit that the chunks are smaller in this tub than of Ben and Jerry's but, and I have to include the but, the pieces were much more flavourful than any he's had from B&J. 

His rating 8.5/10 

We both do agree on one point though, if we'd tried these two first they'd be firm favourites but the we really enjoyed Marshmallow Law! 


  1. Lemon Curd - absolutely my all time favourite flavour from your range - thank you folks. I could smash a full tub daily. Bought it from Ocado - What happened, has it been delisted? I will be miserable if this is the case!

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