Thursday, 28 May 2015

Aero Mousse

I had a tough decision to make today, which chocolate bar to eat - the new Aero mousse bar or an imported Kit Kat hazelnut cream. The aero won by a smidgen due to the fact it's not only a new bar but as far as I've really seen, a different style too. I've never had a chocolate with an actual mousse, not a cream or yoghurt filling. The aerated chocolate mousse takes up 30% of the bar. 

It looks very similar to the original and has the unmistakable scent of an Aero too (why is the Aero smell so identifiable? I reckon I could tell the difference between that and any other Nestle chocolate blindfolded). 

I split the bar along the indentations provided and could see a little mousse at top of the square but it's not until you split each bubble in half that you can see it properly.
The flavour is again the same as your run of the mill plain chocolate Aero but is noticeably creamier and thicker tasting. I'm not sure if this is the same mousse as the little pots you buy, I'm leaning towards it not being as obviously they are refrigerated and the pack of the Aero mousse actually states best served at room temperature, but it tastes like it! 

I do enjoy an Aero but I think this is actually an improvement on the original, that's all well and fine if you're craving one but when you're hungry sometimes the aerated chocolate doesn't feel like enough. This just feels more substantial, is a lot creamier and each mouthful has a lovely mix of crisp chocolate shell, light bubbly filling and thick mousse. Hopefully if this flavour does well we'll see mint, orange or the limited edition hazelnut variety. 

Rating 7/10

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