Monday, 11 May 2015

Cadbury Roses pots of joy - Coffee escape

Today I tried Cadbury Roses pots of joy - coffee escape, it's a "Smooth and creamy dessert made with melted Cadbury milk chocolate with a layer of coffee fondant". 

From the top it looks the same as every other pots of joy I've tried, I didn't notice a coffee scent before I'd tried it but there is a very thick layer of melted chocolate to get through. 
I tried the top layer first and my immediate thoughts were of how sweet this was! The chocolate flavour was there but that first mouthful was like eating pure sugar. I don't remember thinking this on any of the other pots I've tried so maybe the recipe has been slightly tweaked, it could well be just me though. Once the sweetness had dulled down slightly I was sure I could taste the coffee -the chocolate itself isn't coffee flavoured, it's just in a fondant on the bottom, I thought maybe I was imagining it but the taste was identical once I'd got to the fondant just stronger so the coffee did seem to have seeped through. The chocolate layer feels exactly how you'd imagine a melted chocolate to feel, it's thick, creamy and rich. 

The coffee soon appeared and it's actually really nice, it's not too strong and mellows out the sweet chocolate. Together they made a lovely combination.
The pots are only little but for me it was the perfect size, I don't think I could manage much more of the chocolate in one sitting but I'd gladly eat a tub of the coffee alone! 

Rating 7/10 


  1. ohhhh not found that one yet - yum

  2. Sorry my comments are playing up and not notifying me! V. Yum I'd keep your eyes peeled as they're limited edition :-)