Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Lidl Ensaimadas - sweet pastry swirls

I can never go in Lidl and leave without buying something. This week it was 2 moisturisers, 4 packets of toffee Poppetts for 99p and this bag of interesting looking Ensaimadas. Apparently they're a Spanish sweet pastry swirl made from sourdough. I've never tried them before but the picture on the front and from what I can see through the clear parts of the wrapper they looked delicious. My reasoning as well is that if you can base Spanish pastry or dough on Churros then these should taste good!! 
There are 6 individually wrapped Ensaimadas in the pack, a big plus for me as there's only 2 of us here and when I buy pastries/cakes in larger packs we never eat all of them before they go stale and horrible. 

I was impressed when I took one out - that's a side plate which only comfortably fits a slice of the smaller loaves of bread, these are a decent size and even though Spanish week at Lidl was last week and this was a lonely leftover it was still nice and soft. There was more than enough sugar topping it to make a complete mess of my hands, clothes and table too, I'm always pleased with Lidl that despite the low prices they never seem to scrimp on the amount or quality of the ingredients. 

Having never tried an Ensaimada before I was suprised that its not a flaky pastry on the inside but texture wise was more along the lines of a very light cake - Obviously it didn't actually taste or quite feel like cake but not quite pastry either. 
My first mouthful was extremely sweet and confusingly the sweetness went quite quickly to be replaced by the familiar sourdough flavour. I realised that's the reasoning for the huge amounts of sugar on top, the pastry itself isn't very moist - it's not dry at all but the contrast between the super sweet powdered sugar and sourdough pastry is what makes this delicious. It's like a slightly less sweet, much less stodgy doughnut and my only regret is that I found this the week after Spanish week, I better not have to wait until next time round to find these again!!! 

Rating 9/10 

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