Friday, 15 May 2015

Nakd Fruit & Nut Bits

Last week when I blogged about the Nakd nibbles I wrote that I wished they were in a bigger bag, well it turns out they exist and I was just oblivious! There are three versions available, Berry Delight, Cocoa Delight and Cocoa Orange, I grabbed myself the first two in sainsburys. 

I wanted to try the Cocoa Delight first but once I got home I found the berry bag had split, I stuck it in a Tupperware box for the time being but figured I should probably eat the open one. 

Berry Delight is made up of 49% dates, 31% cashews, 17% raisins, 3% raspberries, rice flour and a hint of berry flavouring. The whole reason I realised the bag had split was because as soon as I opened the boot of my car to get the shopping out I could smell the berries!! The scent is seriously strong and doesn't smell artificial. 

Once I got round to trying these the first thing I noticed was the texture, they're soft, chewy but my favourite part is that they are a bit gritty if that makes sense - what must be the cashews add a lovely little crunch to each little block.
At first the berry  wasn't very strong which surprised me considering the smell and the fact you can actually see chunks of raspberries, with the first few mouthfuls it was more of an aftertaste but I'm putting that down to the fact my bag split as there is no reason and going by past experiences with Nakd that these few lacked flavour. They are addictive though and I'm glad I finished the bag in one go as they definitely became stronger in taste and beautifully fruity the more I ate. I had such high hopes for a strong flavour with this bag and I'm annoyed I picked up a faulty pack. Going by this one I don't think I can rate it properly. If I had to I'd give it a 6 but I'm going to buy another packet and update this review.  

Next up was Cocoa Delight - 48% dates, 29% cashews, 17% raisins, 6% cocoa and again rice flour and a hint of natural flavouring. 
If I thought Berry Delight smelt strong I was wrong - the cocoa scent is overwhelming and they smell delicious, I defy anyone to open these and manage to not eat some straight away! The texture is a little firmer than the Berry, and from working out the percentage in the ingredients I'm wondering if there's slightly more rice flour used. They're not hard by any means though, just slightly less chewy and gritty and have a bit more resistance to each bite. 

Thankfully (and this means I really have to retry the Berry Delight) the cocoa taste is just as present as the smell. It's a really lovely flavour and incredibly moreish, as I worked my way through them they started to remind me of soft Bourbon biscuits except the taste is a definite cocoa and not chocolate. These didn't feel like a 'healthy treat' in any way, shape or form and even though they're one of your five a day they seem like a naughty treat. 

I need another bag now and I'd even go as far as saying these are the nicest Nakd product I've had and I'm a die hard Banana Bread addict. 

Rating 8/10 

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