Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wawel chocolates

I have two chocolate bars in this post, I'm not sure if they're new bars completely or just new to Asda when I bought them. They're both Wawel bars and judging by the company address and language it's all written in this is a Polish brand. 

Firstly I tried (I think) the Kaszstanki bar. It's a dark chocolate which went down well, it's not too dark so I didn't feel it was too much after one or two squares but it doesn't taste milky. 

The centre has a lovely texture, it was creamy yet still crunchy and had a delicious rich cocoa flavour. 

Despite being a darker bar it's very moreish and this didn't last long at all, I enjoyed the fact it was a filled bar whereas I find the flavoured fillings are usually paired with milk chocolate and the nut/whole pieces in the darks. 

Rating 7/10 

The other bar I had is, again, I think called Kr√≥wkokwa. It's milk chocolate with 36% caramel filling (I managed to hang on to the wrapper to get the translation here!) 

The chocolate isn't great to be honest, it seemed quite greasy and waxy - not that I'd have noticed the taste against the filling - but I ended up with smeared chocolate everywhere.

The filling I did not enjoy at all at the beginning of the bar. My first few bites I couldn't taste caramel, just pure sugar. Eventually the flavour did come through a bit, it's very buttery and still extremely sweet. I just couldn't get into it as it was too sweet even for me! I think this filling could be OK if they used it in a dark bar - at least over 70%. Maybe then the sugar and bitterness could balance each other out but with milk it's just too much. 

Rating 5/10 

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