Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tesco Pigs in mud

Last night I'd planned on polishing off some of my Easter chocolate, but as it was the first real nice day of the year it had to be ice cream! I'm holding out on the very last limited edition Ben and Jerry's I have in the freezer so I decided to go for Tesco's limited edition and not too appetisingly named Pigs in mud. 

Tesco seem to be following Cadburys lead in flavours and additions and Pigs in mud is chocolate and marshmallow flavour ice creams swirled with marshmallow sauce, chocolate flavour pig shaped pieces and mini marshmallows. 

Firstly I noticed the ice creams are quite mild. In the top part of the tub I could taste the chocolate, there's no mistaking it's a supermarket flavour rather than a higher end brand but the marshmallow I could easily have mistaken for a vanilla. My first few scoops contained the actual marshmallows too, although they're mini ones they didn't feel it to me - not only was there plenty of them they actually stayed soft and marshmallow textured. 

The chocolate shaped pigs came next, and Tesco have managed just fine where Cadbury failed. While obviously harder than normal chocolate they didn't freeze into solid unedible chunks, they have a nice crunchy bite but still melt in the mouth soon enough. They are smaller than any chocolate pieces you'd find in a Ben & Jerry's but they are quite thick - they reminded me of Freddo Faces in size and shape actually. 

This is quite a soft ice cream, it was scoopable immediately but as it slowly melted the flavours got noticeably stronger - mainly the chocolate side but the marshmallow was very bold in places too. The description does say it has a marshmallow sauce and while I didn't actually see any, it could well have been the same colour as the ice cream and that would explain the extra marshmallow taste every now and then. 

I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did, being completely honest it's not great quality ice cream but for the price (£2) and the fact everything stayed how it should (Cadbury!!) I'll be buying this again.

Rating 7/10 

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