Thursday, 16 April 2015

Alpen light Banoffee bar

I normally stay away from cereal bars, especially the light ones, as I don't find them to be a very filling breakfast - but I saw these, saw the new label, saw the banoffee and had to buy them. 

As is standard its a mixed cereal bar and this one comes with toffee, sweetened banana and a plain chocolate drizzle. 

I'm not sure how obvious it is the photos above, but it's pictured on an ordinary side plate. In the wrapper it touches the sort of border but once I'd taken it out it wasn't anywhere near so be warned its a little bar it only weighs 19g! 
The bar is very sticky, I'm not too clued up on these so I'm not sure if that's usual or the toffee but it managed to stay quite moist and chewy even though most cereal is quite dry. 
The smell of banana is very powerful and it's the overwhelming taste I found thoughout. The toffee (which on reading the back are 7%, banana chips are only 6%) does come through in flavour but I didn't notice any the texture of any actual toffee pieces while I was eating it - it all felt the same. As for the chocolate it might aswell have not been there! I can't say whether it's nice or not as all I could taste was banana and toffee. 

This isn't bad, I liked the taste but then I am a banana fiend. I definitly wouldn't be buying these and eating them for breakfast though, in no way are they substantial enough for that. I had it with my sandwiches for lunch instead of a chocolate bar and time will tell if it leaves me feeling a bit fuller! 

Rating 6/10 

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