Saturday, 18 April 2015

Oppo salted caramel with lucuma ice cream

I've been using Ocado for a while now, I keep telling everyone it's because I'm saving money and it's easier to buy just what I need but really it's because they have all the goodies nowhere else does, like this Oppo ice cream.
There are three versions available at the moment - this salted caramel, a vanilla and a chocolate and mint one. All three are marketed as a healthier version of ice cream made with whole milk, coconut oil and natural sweeteners rather than added sugar, so they aren't an ice cream alternative they actually are real ice cream. 
The salted caramel flavour I chose is sweetened with Lucuma and natural fruit extracts. Lucuma fruit according to the tub is Peruvian, known as 'gold of the Incas', has a golden flesh and a naturally rich and creamy caramel taste. See! Not only is this better for you than the normal stuff you learn something too! 

Being that it's a health food - if ice cream could ever be called that, it was more expensive. I paid £4.39 on a special offer, normal price is £5.49 which does seem steep but it's only been recently I've noticed luxury ice cream being under £5 in the supermarkets anyway. 
The ice cream is plain looking, slightly creamy coloured and didn't look as if it had been in the freezer at all. Sometimes frozen yogurts/low fat/sugar filled stuff gets that horrible frost all over it but  not here. 
The ice cream is extremely thick, I thought maybe after a while out of the freezer it would thin out a little but it didn't at all. It's still very scoop-able but it stayed thick and creamy till the last bite. 
I really liked the flavour, it's a subtle caramel which is to be expected as it's only natural flavourings used but it is there. The taste couldn't be mistaken for vanilla but it's not an instant caramel as soon as it hits your tounge, it kind of appeared slowly, halfway through each mouthful and hung around for a while making me want more! I couldn't taste any salt but the caramel didn't need it anyway it was nice enough alone.
As for the sweeteners used and the other health stuff, I couldn't taste any coconut at all which I was pleased about, I don't mind the stuff but I'd have bought a coconut flavour if that's what I was after. It didn't taste sugar free at all, if anything it was thicker and creamier than most other ice creams I've tried recently and I wonder if that is to do with the sweeteners chosen. This felt in texture, like a luxurious, top end ice cream but I suppose it is for the prices charged! 

Rating 8/10 

I've already put one of the other versions in my shopping basket (while they're still on offer), and I suprised myself with the rating I gave it. It's not one of my favourites, I like my additions like chocolate, cookie dough and other weird things too much, but considering this is a healthier version - and let's be honest they're usually complete crap, I thought this was really nice. 

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