Monday, 13 April 2015

Müller Greek style coffee corner yoghurt

Today's review is the second vote for me Müller yoghurt, first here. Again it's coffee themed and this time it's Müller Bliss corner whipped Greek style cappuccino with a coffee sauce. At least I think that's what it's called as the words don't seem to be in any order on the pack! 

I started off by trying the yoghurt first, I was starving when I ate this so didn't read the details and I actually assumed this was a plain yoghurt! If it is cappuccino flavoured as the packet insinuates it doesn't taste it.

 There is a slight tang to the yogurt but it's still mainly sweet and it's very fluffy - it has an almost mousse like consistency, so I'm not sure where the Greek style comes into play perhaps because it's thicker. It is nice, though rather plain on its own. 

Apologies for the blurry picture!
The sauce is very thick, i expected it to be runnier but after I'd tried it on its own I folded it over the yoghurt  and held it there for a good 2 minutes but it still stayed in its own little pot so I gave up and scooped it in. The coffee flavour is much stronger in the sauce than in the first Müller I tried, it could possibly even be too strong on its own - I wouldn't say it's a sauce you would sit and eat straight with a spoon like a caramel or chocolate based one. 

The two pair nicely together, the very strong thick sauce mixes beautifully into the fluffy plainer yoghurt and although neither would be particularly enjoyable alone I really liked them together. Of the two I think I prefer this one, it feels a bit more indulgent because of the texture of the yoghurt and I didn't miss any crunchy pieces as the thick, rich sauce added a delicious coffee flavour. 

Rating 7/10

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