Thursday, 9 April 2015

Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles smooth hazelnut

Cadbury have released a new bar named Puddles, there's currently two varieties available - smooth hazelnut and smooth mint. 
I chose the smooth hazelnut to try, the mint is still in my cupboard as I write this but my other half does like mint chocolate so how long it stays there, we'll see! 

The only reason I can think of for Cadbury to shape the bar like this (and then call it puddles) is to save money, Puddles are the smallest block bar available that I'm aware of at 90g, and although I got it for an introductory price of £1 I can't see it staying that price for long. 
When I opened it the Cadbury Dairy Milk smell was unmistakable - even if the taste has changed in the last few years. I was a bit disappointed though with how it looked, the puddle things on the top make the bar feel a lot thicker through the packet than it is, they themselves are probably thicker than an average bar but there are only 8 dotted about on the top and the rest of the bar is considerably thinner. 
One silver lining I suppose of thinner chocolate is that it is crisper, so there was a satisfying bite with this bar even towards the end when it had started melting slightly. 

The chocolate that cases the hazlenut puddles looks deceptively thicker than it was in this photo, its not a tiny amount but it's not the same thickness as the bottom of the bar. 
The hazlenut filling accounts for 20% here and it did feel like quite a lot, I think it's probably because it's a runny filling rather than a creamier solid. I was quite suprised with the consistency actually, it's quite watery but still gooey and I made a complete mess with it but it made a nice change from the usual filled chocolate bars. 
It's not as rich as I expected which is probably to do with the texture and the hazelnut isn't as prominent as I hoped for either, you can taste it but the milk chocolate dominated. It's a shame really as if the filling had been a stronger flavour this could have been a new favourite for me. Hazelnut  and chocolate go so well together and I actually like the runny filling but it fell a bit short of the mark for my tastes. 
Strangely though, after each mouthful, when I still had the taste of Dairy Milk and the hazelnut on my tounge, I got some serious nostalgia..I was completely reminded of being a kid and eating chocolate. I can't recall it properly writing back now, but maybe the aftertaste of this bar is how chocolate used to taste! 

Rating 6/10 

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