Monday, 27 April 2015

Cadbury special edition Mini Rolls

Cadbury release different editions of the Mini Rolls all the time, normally seasonal variations and they've recently introduced three new flavours - cola, banana and orange. I'm not a fan of chocolate and orange so I left that one (not that cola sounded any better!)
I won't bother writing about the actual Mini Rolls as they've been about forever and I think most people will have tried one. 

I thought the cola edition was going to be disgusting, I wouldn't have bought it myself but my partner fancied trying them. 
I could only smell chocolate when I opened the mini roll and even cutting into it there was no 'cola' scent. The filling is slightly pink and as normal there's quite a bit of it throughout. I find these so weird, the packet says they're really bubbly and I don't know if they meant that literally or it's just a tag line (the banana is best of the bunch apparently) but I didn't notice any bubbles. 
I wasn't sure how cola flavour would translate into a cream filling but it does and it's actually not too bad! It tastes like cola bottles and while it's not too strong and maybe more of an aftertaste it's definitely there. 
I'm so undecided on these, my brain says I shouldn't like them but I kind of did.. 

The banana I expected to love as I do with everything else banana flavoured. I've put two pictures up as no matter what I did, natural light/flash/no flash/away from the window, the filling looks neon yellow! It was nothing like this in reality and much more cream coloured with a hint of yellow. 
I could smell the banana as soon as I opened the little individual packet and it smelt good, sadly the flavour didn't match up - it was not nice at all. 
I don't normally mind strong artificial banana but there's something about this here that I just didn't enjoy. I still can't put my finger exactly on what I didn't like, but it didn't work for me.
That said while it was disgusting at the time, I've sat here fancying another one!! I don't even like them so who knows what they've put in there.....

Rating: No rating they've confused me!!!! 

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