Monday, 16 March 2015

Walkers Chicken and chorizo crisps

Finally I have something savoury to review - I'm starting to get a bit tired of writing about chocolate and ice cream, eating it is another story! 

I picked these chicken and chorizo Walkers crisps up last week in Sainsburys as they were on a Red Nose Day stand, I can't see anything on the packaging about Comic relief so I'm guessing they were there accidentally.

I'm not going lie when I opened the packet all I could smell was chicken, I gave it the benefit of the doubt though as the smell of chicken crisps can be quite powerful. The chorizo wasn't just absent in the smell though I couldn't taste it at all either. My first few mouthfuls were only chicken flavoured, I could taste something else a couple of bites in but I couldn't distinguish chorizo - it was a meaty taste but I wouldn't call it chorizo blindfolded. 
That said, as you can see in the photos my crisps were very unevenly seasoned. A few of the smaller ones were orange and tasted more 'meaty' but the larger only chicken. Once I've had another packet maybe I'll revisit my review. As it stands though, while these are nice crisps, I'll stick to just chicken in the future. 

Rating 5/10 

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