Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cadbury Dairy Milk presents Marvellous Ice Creams Fairground Candy Crunch

Apologies in advance for the picture heavy post! 

Cadbury have released 4 new ice creams as part of the Marvellous range and I thought I'd start with the one least like any ice cream I've had before, Fairground candy crunch - candy floss and chocolate flavour ice cream, swirled with Cadbury Dairy Milk, pink sugar crunch, sugar coated jelly pieces and mini marshmallows. 

I'll start with the ice cream as it seems to be the minority ingredient in this pint. It's OK, the pint has a RRP of £4 and if this was just the ice cream it would be an awful rip off - think maybe supermarket own brand quality but as the emphasis seems to be on what's added, I think it's probably better this isn't a luxury, heavy ice cream it would be wasted. The flavours are pretty good but they take second stage here. 
Firstly I found the sugar crunch and jelly pieces. The crunchy bits are small but good and I really liked the jelly pieces, they're the small sugar jellies from Dolly Mixture and they're the best one in my opinion anyway. Soon the marshmallows started appearing, while they had no real flavour to themselves they add a nice new element to the tub so far with crunchy, jelly gooey and soft all accounted for with the the smooth ice cream. 
I was really enjoying it but at this point I was 1/4 of the way into the 500ml and there was no Dairy Milk to be found yet! By the time it turned up I was nearly half way through and that was just a small piece to be truthful, not like in other ice creams. I was wondering if I'd got a dodgy batch as the name is Dairy Milk and it's the first thing listed in the description but then this happened... 

I'm not sure if you can see but to the left of the picture there is a hard piece of chocolate poking through, I couldn't scoop it or really dig around it, so I started chipping at it... 

       And carried on chipping at it.... 

Completely massacred the tub in the process

And found the bottom 1/4 of the tub was the Dairy Milk swirl/chunks all frozen into one solid lump which was completely unbreakable and ended up being smashed with my spoon. 

I've seen on other blogs which have reviewed other versions of the Marvellous Ice creams that sadly I didn't get a dud pint and this has happened in literally all of them. 
It seems Cadbury have tried to maybe do a Ben & Jerry's and do a sort of chocolate core, but they've got the ingredients a bit off I think and so instead of a lovely gooey chocolate centre, there's just what looks and tastes exactly like a frozen Dairy Milk bar chucked in the bottom. 
It's such a shame because the chocolate was lovely and the rest of the ice cream is very enjoyable. There's no other ice creams out like this really with sweets added in rather than chocolate, caramel or biscuits and the Dairy Milk would only have improved on this. 
It's a good job I'm greedy because I can't work out how you'd share this out fairly or eat it over several sittings without completely missing one of the major parts of the tub. 

Rating 7/10 
It would have rated higher if the chocolate was evenly spaced. 


  1. ASDA have (or had) them for 2.49 each, which is very reasonable!

    1. I don't know why I've only just seen your comment, but I think it's too late now! I think they're on offer in Tesco now I'm still tempted to try again although I know the giant chocolate chunk will just disappoint :-(