Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Muller Light Goodies smooth toffee flavour

I'm terrible, if I see a new label I have to buy it even if I don't particularly want or need it. 
I don't mind muller yogurts really, though I haven't bought any for a while now and it's good to have things in the house that aren't chocolate or ice cream. Well that's what I tell myself to justify buying all this stuff! 

I've not seen a corner style muller light before, considering I remember eating the strawberry muller lights for as long as I can remember it's about time but I may have just missed them before. 

The yogurt had a watery layer at the start but nothing a stir didn't fix. It's a diet yogurt so it's never going to compare to thick, creamy full fat yogurt but the consistency isn't bad. The toffee flavour was very strong initially but I found the taste comes and goes. That's probably more as a result of the diet aspect again rather than bad flavours, the deeper I got into this and the further away from the watery top layer the stronger the toffee taste became. 
The little chocolate coated balls are good, toffee and chocolate is always a good combination and the addition of crunchy pieces to smooth yogurt livens up what could have been a pretty ordinary flavour. 
I don't normally buy yogurt - especially low fat ones but this was very moreish and I'm trying to talk myself out of getting another one out of the fridge right now. 

Rating 7/10 

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