Thursday, 19 March 2015

Galaxy salted caramel

Forget higher quality chocolate exists for a moment, in this country in terms of standard everyday chocolate, most people either are either Team Cadbury Dairy Milk or Team Galaxy. In this house I'm a Cadbury girl and my fiancĂ©e is camp Galaxy, I watched him demolish the big sharing sized bar of this last week and it looked good but I waited till I found it in a smaller size to try it myself as Galaxy is a bit too smooth for me normally. 

The smaller bars come in two long tubes each split into 3 squares, the squares seem thicker and squarer than in the larger. Each square is stuffed with the caramel but still has a decent amount of chocolate to give a satisfying crunch when you bite into it. 
The salted caramel is absolutely delicious, it's thick and gooey and literally oozes out of each block as you can see in the photo. Caramel is definitely the dominant flavour, the salt mainly appears towards the end of each mouthful and adds a nice twist to the already lovely tastes. The further I got into this the more noticable the salt became but caramel is still number one here. 
While normally I'm not a great lover of the smoothness in Galaxy, here it's a perfect accompaniment for the richness of the caramel and it all ends up a creamy, smooth, gooey, perfect mess. 
By far the best Galaxy bar I've ever tried. 

Rating 8/10 

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