Thursday, 12 March 2015

Green & Black's THIN Bars


Today's reviews are two of the three new available Green& Black's THIN bars, dark chocolate and salted caramel milk chocolate. A milk chocolate version is available aswell but that didn't really appeal to me as much as these two. 

Both bars come in a card packet that opens like an envelope and sealed in gold foil inside which, although Green & Black's isn't at the higher end of the price scale certainly gives it a luxurious feel.

I'll start in the order I ate them in, and so that means the dark bar is up first. 

The flash is on in the photo above but it isn't as dark of a bar as some 70% chocolate, and they got the name right it's a lot thinner than a standard Green & Black's. Looking online at the ingredients list it doesn't seem to be a recipe change from the ordinary 70% so taste wise it's the same. I wasn't too excited about the change in thickness as I've said time and time again I like a crunch. This is still there though and it has a decent bite to it but the biggest change I noticed is that the new thinness of the bar means it melts on the tounge much easier even after a stay in the fridge. 

Rating 8/10 

After reading this Review on Kevs Snack Reviews I was in two minds about which to try first, and I can honestly say I made the wrong choice, if I'd eaten the salted caramel first I doubt the dark would have got a look in though so maybe it's not such a bad thing. 
This is a milk chocolate with caramel pieces with flakes of Anglesey sea salt, the blog I've linked to goes over the basics pretty well so I'll just give my opinion now. 
I would actually go as far as saying this is probably the nicest bar of chocolate I've had in a while. The caramel I expected to be flavouring or a filling but it's actual solid, crunchy pieces that were visible when I broke it in half. It's a lovely rich caramel taste that paired with the salt reminded me why this has become the 'it' flavour. 
This bar just got better the more I ate and I was genuinely sad when I looked down and realised I'd polished the lot off! 

Rating 9/10 

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