Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ben & Jerry's What-a-lotta Chocolate Cookie Core

Wow that name is a mouthful! The second of the 3 new Ben & Jerry's Cookie Core is this - What-a-lotta Chocolate, the general gist is the same as the previous pint reviewed here, so I won't go into detail about the general ice cream. Base ice cream, cookie pieces, cookie core - you know the score! 

To start with, the base ice cream tastes exactly the same as the chocolate used in Chocolate Fudge Brownie so no complaints here and nothing new to point out, why fix what's not broken?
This ice cream probably couldn't get more chocolatey if they tried! The cookie pieces are chocolate cookies and while they do taste more chocolatey than the pieces in Cookie Dough or Half Baked they don't pop out flavour wise against the ice cream. They're certainly not hidden though, they take up 7% (according to the tub) of the pint, but it felt like a lot more in mine and are nice and chewy against the thick creamy ice cream. These pieces actually seemed chewier than the pieces in the Speculoo version which made for a brilliant contrast with the core. 

The core is again the same as in the previous version but chocolate flavoured instead and again the gritty, actual ground cookie texture is by far the best part. The contrast between smooth ice cream, chewy cookie pieces and crunchy core when you get all three on one spoonful is amazing and reminds me why I pay the prices I do for Ben & Jerry's! 

However, while there's no doubt this is a lovely ice cream (and would probably be more of a favourite if I'd tried it first) I can't help but compare it to Half Baked/Cookie Dough/Choc Fudge Brownie. It is quite similar and tame even compared to the usual. The core does redeem it and it is a delicious ice cream, but I can't rate it higher than I did for the Speculoos. I'll buy it again though. 

Rating 7/10 

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