Wednesday, 4 March 2015

White Lion

Bit of a random one today, I found this white Lion bar in Home Bargains, grabbed one for my fiancée and thought I'd get myself one while I was at it. 
It weighs in a bit smaller than a standard Lion bar at 42g and my wrapper is polish. Strangely some version of caramel (?) - karmelemis (PL), karamele (LT), Ar karameli (LV) etc is listed at 34.5% while the English is just white chocolate 41.9%. Weird! 

Anyway despite being smaller this is still a sturdy bar of chocolate. It looks quite impressive taking it out, big crispy pieces sticking out all over the place and a white finish that doesn't look like chocolate it's so thick! 
It's a creamy chocolate but let's be honest, it's white so it's very sweet! I do like Lion bars as they remind me of my pick and mix favourite Chocolate Fudge Crunch just on a much bigger scale, that chewy crispy gooeyness and that's still here in abundance. So much so it actually gave me a jaw ache! 
This made a nice change from milk chocolate and while it's not something I would crave and eat regularly I did enjoy it. I liked having something a bit different from the new trends like salted caramel and super dark organic bars. 

Rating 7/10 

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