Monday, 2 March 2015

Blue Riband Coffee Cream

There are tonnes of 100 calories or less biscuit bars on the market at the moment, and to be honest I avoid buying them as im trying to put weight on at the moment, not lose it but these caught me eye - not only because of the shiny new label but coffee! 

For the sake of the review, I'll quickly go over the biscuit itself though most people will have tried the original variety. It's mainly wafer with quite a thin layer of basic nestle chocolate. Its not bad chocolate but its not really a chocolate you'd eat in a bar by itself, still for the purpose of coating the wafers its fine. Even though it only contains 99 calories it tastes more substantial and filling than other bars like this that I've tried such as the Aero biscuit bar.

The coffee smell was certainly noticable when I opened the wrapper and thankfully the taste was just as clear. This definitly has more of a coffee flavour and isn't overwhelmed by the chocolate or biscuit at all. A good buy and one I'll make again for sure. I'd really enjoy this as a proper chocolate bar, maybe Nestle could put the flavours into a Kit Kat Chunky! That would be amazing. 

Rating 7/10 

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