Monday, 9 February 2015

Cadbury Mighty Perky Nana

After a pretty full week of blogging two weeks ago I've been slacking but in my defence I've been planning a quite last minute secret wedding, eeeek it feels weird putting that in writing! 
Anyhow I had an Ocado delivery on Saturday and forgot I'd put some new goodies in there including new Dark Rolos but more on them tomorrow.
I'm trying to find things to write as this will be a very short blog post otherwise, this is a New Zealand Cadbury bar - MIGHTY Perky Nana. 

It's not a new bar but I was flicking through the world foods noticed banana and chocolate and couldn't resist. It's a banana flavoured chew bar apparently, weighing 45g and feels fairly heavy and chunky.

I could smell banana when I opened it, although my bar had split in half but it was quite an artificial banana smell. 

It tastes as plastic as it looks!! There are no good words to describe this bar except maybe chewy, if that can be seen as a postive. This was like chewing foam that just wouldn't go away. I could smell banana but I would call the flavour foam if you can imagine that and it was really difficult to swallow. If this was a limited edition or a special run New Zealand could be forgiven but this is a run of the mill bar!! Probably the worst 'chocolate bar'/chew/sweet/thing I've had in ages. Gross.

Rating 2/10 
The chocolate gives it a bonus two points. 

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