Friday, 30 January 2015

Milky bar Milk & Cookies

This post was originally going to be the McVities white chocolate version of my post yesterday but I went to get one and they'd miraculously all disappeared... Yep, the whole box in one go. So instead I've got Milkybar Milk & Cookies. 

This bar is actually only 118g but it feels massive, it's much longer than the same sort of size bar from say Cadburys but still manages to be pretty chunky. 

There was no question if this bar had enough cookie pieces in it and there was no mistaking the smell of your normal Milkybar either, you can smell the cookie slightly but the sweet white chocolate is quite overpowering. 

I find Milkybar to be sickly sweet, he is the white chocolate lover in this house - see above! At the same time when I do fancy it, to me it's incredibly moreish. Chances are if you're reading this you've had a Milkybar, it's such a kiddy chocolate so I won't bother with the finer details about the chocolate itself though it did seem a little creamier maybe that's an offset of the cookies.

 The cookie chunks are a good addition to Milkybar, it's already a pretty overdone trend with chocolate at the moment with most brands having at least 1 cookie version but it goes well with white chocolate. The texture is good, a seriously packed out bar, the combination of that with the cookie flavour makes this an improvement on the standard bar in my books. 

Rating 7/10

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