Thursday, 29 January 2015

McVities Deli Choc

More new biscuits today, while I still need to put weight on so I'm not complaining there, all this sugar can't be good for my insides... I'll have to keep my eyes open for limited edition vegetables or fruit.. 

McVities have released the 'Deli Choc The Big Crunch' biscuit. There are three varieties, all with Belgian chocolate. This is the dark chocolate, milk and white are also available (White is in my fridge at the moment actually but I'm not supposed to eat any because white is his favourite and he doesn't like dark chocolate.. We'll see)

I mistakenly thought this would be more like a chocolate bar with a bit of biscuit, I'm not sure how clear it is in the picture but it's definitly a chocolate topped biscuit very much like a chocolate digestive. This actually reminded me a lot of a chocolate digestive but maybe even a little better. Although the pack says BELGIAN - in capitals to make sure you don't miss it - chocolate, the chocolate tastes very very similar to that of a dark chocolate digestive. The biscuit is better though, it is a sweet crunchy biscuit whereas the digestive is chewier I find. This is a good new product from McVities and I imagine the white chocolate version is the best as to my knowledge there hasn't been a white chocolate digestive and so there's nothing really to compare it to. I'll have to pinch one and try that. 

Rating 7/10 

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