Thursday, 22 January 2015

Limited Edition Kit Kat Toffee Treat

Another limited edition chocolate bar! I'm quite surprised there are lots of new and limited edition chocolates out now as January is usually diet season but I'm not complaining. This is Kit Kat Toffee Treat and I'd spied it in the two finger bar but held out until I could get my hands on the four finger. 

I've had quite a few toffee flavoured things recently, I suppose it is a flavour usually associated with cold and winter, or maybe it's the new 'flavour of the month' literally! 

I was quite surprised when I got to the chocolate as I expected a normal looking, Kit Kat with the flavour on the inside as with the Kit Kat caramel but the more I think about it now I realise there isn't much space in a non chunky bar for any filling. I've just had a look at the wrapper and this is actually a blend of toffee flavoured white chocolate (53%) and milk chocolate (13%). 

Texture wise, this is your ordinary Kit Kat, no nice or nasty suprises here. But the flavour is good. It's sweet - very much so even considering this is a white chocolate but it does have a lovely creamy toffee flavour. It's nice that Nestle have kept their limited editions somewhat simple, toffee, caramel, cookies and cream, compared to the craziness Cadbury have produced in the last few years! All of the new versions I've tried have been consistently good whereas Cadbury have been a bit hit and miss. This is another delicious Kit Kat, white chocolate, milk chocolate, toffee fans will love it. Dark chocolate diehards will probably find it a bit too sweet but I will definitely be buying again. 

Rating 7/10 

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