Monday, 19 January 2015

Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Dessert

Its January which means it's time for the Easter products to come out, well they've been out since December but I really couldn't bring myself to buy any before Christmas! 

I love the Cadbury chocolate desserts, him indoors usually chooses the flake  and I have the buttons, I saw this mini egg version in Lidl and I'm on a total crunch kick at the moment so I had to buy this! 

I had a Creme egg on Friday, and while I still enjoyed it (and maybe this is my brain playing tricks) but it did taste different to me - less rich, I know the fondant inside hasn't changed - but it certainly didn't taste as fulfilling to me as last year, still good though. I'm pleased to report, in my opinion of course, that the mini eggs are as good as ever. The chocolate dessert (I don't know what else to call it, it's not really a yogurt and it's not mousse) smells wonderful when you peel the lid back, sweet and chocolatey everything you associate with Cadbury. I was wondering where the mini eggs where though... 

 Five teeny weeny mini eggs, what a rip off!! I was not impressed, luckily what this lacks in mini eggs it more than makes up for in taste. Who would have  known liquid chocolate would add so much to the mini egg. These are seriously good I just wish there were more so for that reason 

Rating 6/10 

I really was annoyed at my 5 eggs!!  

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