Thursday, 25 September 2014

Snickers More Choc

So here is the third and final Snickers limited edition after More Caramel and More Nuts. Same as the other two, just this has more chocolate - obviously ;-) 

At the time I was sure the bars looked exactly the same but looking back at the photos the Snickers with more chocolate looks slightly darker. I haven't edited the photo apart from cropping it but maybe that's my camera. 

This looks the same aswell inside except for a slightly darker nougat. According to the packet this has a chocolate flavour nougat and caramel which explains that but the caramel that you can see looks the same to me. This does have a slightly more chocolatey taste, but nothing too major. It's a nice bar, nicer again than the More Nuts but I'm not too sure what more to write - erm... This chocolate bar tastes of chocolate? I could take or leave this, Mars can leave the More Caramel and take the More Nuts though. 

Rating 7/10 

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