Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Odds And Sods

I've tried a couple of bits over the last few months that didn't really warrant a whole post of their own so I've decided to lump them all together in one random post here.

E. Wedel Leśny Duet.

When I purchased this bar in Tesco I assumed it was the strawberry bar I had seen online - I really should learn to look properly before I buy things! It turns out this is a milk chocolate with blueberry and wild strawberry filling. According to the ingredients on the back the filling contains 0.6% blueberry juice and 0.3% wild strawberry pulp.

 The bar itself looks like the E. Wedel bars I've had before and I enjoyed the filling in those bars so I was looking forward to trying this one.

I was very surprised to find a sort of jelly inside, I was expecting more of a cream but I am glad it wasn't. The jelly is a great textural difference to most other filled bars and there is a generous amount inside each square. I wouldn't say one flavour overpowered the other but considering there is more blueberry than strawberry I could taste the strawberry a little more - maybe that's because it is pulp rather than juice.
I enjoyed this and from what I can see on the packet there are two more in this range - one looks like pear and grape (?!) and I can't work out what the other picture is for the life of me but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!

Rating 7/10

Toffee Crisp Sharing Block

I'm very very late with the review for this bar, I actually ate it in September but I didn't bother with my review as I'm pretty sure everyone on my blog roll (>>> have a look!) has reviewed this as soon as it was out.

I liked this as a stand alone bar, it definitely tastes like Toffee Crisp but I do prefer the original, it's crunchier and I think these flavours work better in a nice thick block rather than a thin bar. That said if I'd tried this before I'd ever had an original Toffee Crisp the rating would easily be an 8 based on flavour.

Rating another 7/10

Heinz Tuscan Beanz

I didn't get a photo of these once they were plated up I got stuck right in! I had them for a while but I wasn't too sure what to serve them with, the Heinz website suggests poured over chicken or with pork chops but I didn't fancy that. Instead I had them with a cheap bit of frying steak (I would never ruin my good steak with beans!!).
I actually really enjoyed these, the sauce was still a tomato sauce but there were peppers mixed in too aswell as roasted garlic and basil. These felt like a more grown up tin of beans to me - they wouldn't go well on toast or even a jacket potato in my opinion. They're more of a side to a Mediterranean style dish, and go nicely with a "proper" dinner.

Rating 8/10

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites

I hunted these down after trying the dark chocolate cookie dough bites and finally got them in a MR Simms Emporium shop, although Tesco have started restocking them now - typical!
Once open they really smell of fudge brownie. That part is spot on - they smell like Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie without the ice cream if that makes sense. Sadly they don't really taste like they smell.

These are just as moreish as the Dark Chocolate version, and they are pretty tasty but they taste of chocolate bites. I can't even compare them to anything, imagine a ball of maybe chocolate button but with a bit of crunch inside? They're basically the same as the first version I tried but milk chocolate instead of dark and kind of missing the cookie dough - replaced instead with a nice smelling but non existent tasting fudge brownie filling. I've confused myself so I'm probably confusing anyone reading this but after the lovely smell the lack of taste in the filling was dissapointing. I would rename these solid chocolate crunchie bites.

Rating 6/10

The Collective Dairy Russian Fudge

I've tried this yogurt before, it's not new or a limited edition but it's too good not to make a post on it. This flavour is Russian fudge and according to The Collective Dairy this is a New Zealand sweet (otherwise known to us as Scottish Tablet? I just always assumed that was fudge).  It’s a live gourmet plan yogurt with fudge swirled throughout, though it's not really a swirl more like a giant splattering.

The keep fresh seal made me smile.

In this photo it looks quite watery, I probably should have given it a stir but I wanted to show how much fudge is dumped in this! The flavour is just pure fudge, just like real fudge not the cheap stuff you get in a pick and mix or the sweet shop. Good buttery creamy fudge. Mixed with the plain yogurt this is delicious.

And it's not just a layer at the top or bottom like other yogurts, this fudge is all the way through. I absolutely love it.

Rating 9/10

A special mention to the Banoffi flavour too, it's only available in 150g tubs and I'm afraid I ate that before I even thought of reviewing it.

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