Thursday, 25 September 2014

Snickers More Caramel

I'm pretty late to the party with this one so I'll save all the chat about what this is I'm sure everyone knows - it's Snickers limited edition bar More Caramel. 
I was really putting off trying this after the More Nuts bar but I'm gutted I waited now and pretty annoyed I picked my least favourite to eat first! 

So far so good...

I cut it in half and was not impressed to see MORE nuts!! You can see there is a little section of caramel on the bottom right block and a bit more on the upper right but all that really stood out to me was a lack of nougat. The caramel does look nice and gooey though, you can see a little drip but I didn't have high hopes for this. And then I took a bite. 

I obviously cut the wrong section because this was just a big gooey caramel mess and it tasted bloody lovely! My first caramel-less bite did have a hint of the peanut buttery taste that I got in the first bar but once that caramel kicked in it went. You can still clearly taste the nuts but they taste more like proper nuts now rather than the gummy sensation/taste I get with peanut butter. The caramel is good and there's lots of it but I didn't find it to overpower the rest of the bar. Why didn't I try this first!? 

Rating 7.5/10 

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