Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland

This is the third and final new pint from Ben & Jerrys and it's called Minter Wonderland. 

You can see from the packaging this is a winter release, it's a mint ice cream with chocolatey chunks so pretty normal wintery flavours. I actually misread this when I bought it and assumed it was a chunk free mint chocolate pint like Joy To The Swirled and so I was pleasantly surprised to see chocolate bits once I opened it. 

I'm not a great lover of all things mint - mint chocolate, mojitos even mint body wash (which causes arguments as it's my partners fave!) so I was a bit nervous about a mint only ice cream. For my first few mouthfuls I was not keen at all. The ice cream itself was fine and more than matched up to the usual Ben & Jerry's high standards it was just the strangeness of the mint I suppose, my mouth isn't supposed to be feeling fresher the more I eat! However that changed the further I got into the pint, while I wouldn't choose a mint ice cream against other flavours this was pretty addictive. 

It only got more addictive once I really started getting to the chocolate chunks, they're massive! Every single chocolate chunk was a full square and if I did come across a smaller piece there was another part it had broken off from right next to it. The chocolate and mint go so well together (as everyone except me apparently) knows and there's no worry of running out of chocolate pieces, I got chocolate pretty much every time I pulled my spoon out. 

I wouldn't go as far as saying this is one of my favourite Ben & Jerry's, to tell you the truth it's not even in my top ten, but it does stand up to the rest of the range. If you're a mint/mint chocolate lover I think you'll love this, it is a yummy ice cream and it's made me rethink my hatred of mint chocolate - I just love my fudge, caramel and cookie dough too much to bump this up in my rankings. 

I said at the start of this review I wouldn't pick this over another flavour, but thinking back on it this is very Christmassy tasting. I actually think it would be lovely when it's reeeeally cold or eaten like normal people - just a scoop served up with other Christmas goodies. Maybe I will buy it again... 

Rating 7/10    

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