Sunday, 24 August 2014

World food aisle part one

Hershey's Symphony Bar (USA)

First up is the Hershey's symphony bar. I saw this bar in B&M, I enjoyed the cookie bar when I'd tried it before so thought why not… I then read another review about this bar which wasn't good so I was pretty nervous about trying this! It wasn't awful - I like the toffee and almond pieces but they were pretty overwhelmed by the fact this bar just tastes to me like cheap Easter egg chocolate - not even the cheap supermarket ones - but the ones you get from the pound shop with a random celebrity/TV show/any old crap on the front of it. 

That really is the best way I can describe this bar. So if you don't mind that type of chocolate (I know some people do really enjoy it!) then you'll probably like this bar but if you're like me and think that stuff should only be eaten well after easter when it's been forgotten at the back of the cupboard but you reeeeally fancy chocolate then I'd probably avoid it!

Rating 4/10

Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Crisp (Ireland)

I've had my eye on this bar for a while, I got it from the world foods aisle in Tesco but I'm pretty sure it's quite common now. 

It's described as the usual Dairy Milk chocolate with honeycomb pieces and as you can see it's pretty packed out! I'm disappointed Cadbury or whoever it is who owns/produces/distributes these, why aren't they a standard bar over here! 

This is a really nice bar of chocolate which I think would sell really well, but were just getting random limited edition crossover bars. I'd gladly buy this bar again the honeycomb gives such a nice flavour and texture I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rating 7.5/10  


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