Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Oggi's Oven Dog Biscuit Baking Mix

 A bit of a random review today, I picked this doggy biscuit bake mix up in T K Maxx - obviously while waiting in the queue (why do they put all the good stuff there!) and today is perfect baking weather!
I don't think this can even be called baking really though, all you do is add 70ml of water, knead, roll out, cut bone shapes out with the cookie cutter and pop in the oven for fifteen minutes, so simple even I can do it!!

Why I actually bought this though are the ingredients. It says clearly on the box human grade ingredients and they are flour, margarine, egg powder, flavouring, gluten and milk - that's it! These are healthier than human cakes!!
The big difference I noticed when baking these was that there was no noticeable mmmmmm smell that you get when baking human cakes - but I suppose these aren't vanilla/chocolate flavoured.

My pup was fast asleep under blankets when I took these out, but after I let them cool I wafted one underneath and she came bolting out, she managed to get 3 down before I could put them away and has spent the rest of the day begging at the drawer she saw me put them in so I'm guessing that's a good rating from her :-P.

I'll definitely buy these again and I'm actually about to order the other mixes online now, I'm very impressed.

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