Monday, 4 August 2014

Cadbury Marvellous Mix Ups With Oreo

Oreo mix up
So there are two new bags of these out, this one which comes with pebbles, white chocolate buttons, giant buttons and mini Oreos and another which has caramel nibbles, fudge dreams and Maynard jellies. I’ve tried both but the Maynards got eaten on the way home – no time for pictures!
                            Oreo mix up
The Oreo pack seemed to have more in it than the Maynard pack that I got but I suppose that’s because it goes on weight and the Fudge’s are quite heavy. I’d already seen on other blog reviews but I was quite surprised at how many Oreos were in the pack, I assumed it would be filled out with the cheapest sweet or chocolate but there were more Oreos than anything else in this bag and just as many Fudges in the other.
There’s not really much I can say about each part separately I think most people have tried all the different chocolate or sweets, but they all do go well together especially in the Oreo bag. It made a nice change having a mix up of biscuit and chocolate and the white chocolate and milk. Typical then that my favorite two parts were the Oreos and the Fudge.

Oh well I’ll just have to get another couple of bags and mix them up into one giant bag :-p
Rating 7/10

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