Monday, 4 August 2014

Marks And Spencer Percy Pig Easter Egg

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig flavour white chocolate.
I’m a complete sucker for a special offer so when I went into M&S the day after Easter and saw this Percy Pig Easter egg half price I had to buy it!
Percy is described as a hollow white chocolate figure with dried raspberry and strawberry concentrates and decorated with sprinkles. I love chocolate like this especially in pick in mix – white mice, candy skulls and the little pig faces are my favorites and I was hoping Percy would taste like these, and on opening the box he smelt very sweet more like sugar than the normal chocolate smell.
Hes a thicker than he looks but I’m not sure that’s a good thing as to be honest it got very sickly fast. The chocolate is also quite greasy? I’m not sure I’ve ever used that word to describe chocolate before. I had to smash him to eat it so each piece was pretty much bite sized but in the time it took to get from bowl to mouth my hands were covered, it melted really fast and just felt greasy rather than like melted chocolate.

That said the parts that had the sprinkles on were my fave, the crunch was nice and went well.
Sadly I’m not a great fan – my beloved pick and mix still wins :-p

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