Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ben And Jerrys Clever Cookies

I’ll start by saying I am a massive Ben and Jerrys fan, I’m working my way through every flavour and so far I have left to try CORE Peanut Butter Me Up (I love the peanut flavour ice cream but I hate the peanut butter cups so I’m really holding out on this one!), Bar ‘Wich, Strawberry Cheesecake and the scoop shop flavours Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey (PLEASE bring this back in pint form!!), Cone Sweet Cone, Mint Choc Chunk, Raspberry Brownie, S’mores and Vanilla although I have plans for the cinema this week so I’ll see what I can fit in there.
Clever cookies
I have tried clever cookies before, but I didn’t bother counting it as the pint had a serious case of freezer burn, I’m not sure why my local Tesco are doing this but everything in the dessert aisle comes with a good few inches of ice around it.
Anyway I waited until they were back to normal and purchased this in the buy one get one free promotion which tesco have at the moment. It’s a vanilla ice cream base with chocolatey cookie swirl, double chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, so you’d better like cookies if your buying this flavour!
It didn’t look very interesting compared to other Ben and Jerry flavours at the start but that definitely wasn’t the case once I got stuck in!

This is just the very top layer – I had to be quick with the hot weather we’ve had lately everything melts so fast and I prefer my ice cream a little more solid.
The cookie pieces are massive and I even saw on Twitter someone had literally a whole cookie in their pint! This is a nice flavour although it does get sickly quite quickly, it is very sweet, I could manage it fine but I do tend to eat a lot more ice cream than the average person! Compared to similar products this is very nice but in my Ben and Jerrys rankings I wouldn’t even say it makes top ten, the sweetness can just be too much.


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